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Originally Posted by Lucario505 View Post
-Oh, and some items have some very random sprites/pictures to them, for example, the Chocolate Ice Cream has the "Reveal Glass" picture and the Link Stone has the "S.S. Ticket" image (though I'm sure you already know that).
-One last thing, will we be receiving a Vs. Seeker soon? It would really help out training xD
* Yeah, I've kind of neglected the custom items appearances so far, and while that's something I'm aware of, it's not a terribly high priority for me to address. I'll definitely go back and fix that list up once I've got the items I need more ah, set in stone.

* Vs seeker isn't going to happen; if rematches were a thing they'd be as a result of Gen 2 style phone calls. However, I'm holding off on this feature because remember, more training and higher levels will become continually available as you progress. It's only while episodes are still being made that there are these dull periods of having to grind in the same place. If once the game is finished I feel there needs to be more options for grinding up, then I'll look at those.
Originally Posted by Farore View Post
His Masquerain made the message saying that the script was taking too long and that the game would restart appear several times.
Oh, and by the way, the update pack for Episode 08 didn't work concerning the freeze with Charlotte, (at least for me) I downloaded and merged it with my Reborn folder before the scene and the game froze anyway.

I had to leave the building and come back, and do it again a bit after because the game also froze when Anna was stopped by Cain while trying to pursue the Doctor and Sirius.
More often that not, that's a result of your computer quite not being able to handle a certain Animated sprite- in this case Masquerain. Unfortunately there's no way I can account for that sans just advising people to not use animated sprites on computers that can't quite handle it.
If it happens again and continues happening you can just delete the animated sprite of the Pokemon in question and it'll revert to the static sprite so you can get through. I can see this being potentially rough though.

As for the freezes yeah, idk. Hopefully we're all over that now, sorry. x.x

Originally Posted by ExavierFR View Post
Hi, your game looks very neat and I wanted to start playing it but there is a problem.
Like some people stated previously, the download stops somewhere in the middle. You said you would fix that with the next patch (which is version 8) but the problem is still there. Any chance you can upload it to mediafire or any other filesharing site?
Ty and keep up the good stuff!

EDIT: after the 3rd download it was ok. (dont know why, I wasnt downloading anything else etc.)
There's a chance you were downloading it while I was reuploading, or just if the server was a bit overloaded. I haven't forgotten about the mirror and I'm getting that worked out shortly now that I believe the iffy freeze stuff is cleared up.

Originally Posted by Dragon-Tamer795 View Post
Amethyst, I sent you a PM with a link to my save file in it, but I'm not sure it went through?
It did! And I was on a different computer at the time so I couldn't do anything with it but I have now and got the song and will get back to you about that and um
the other thing is uh
...what was i supposed to do with your save file again? >< I have totally spaced. I'm like 'wait why is he sending me this lol' Really sorry, just remind me please. XD

Originally Posted by jake2003 View Post
So for some reason the game refuses to run on my computer anymore. I had to have it wiped in between updates so that may be the cause. I made sure to back up my save file so I still have that, but whenever I try to open the new update it just sits there with a black screen forever and does not respond. I seem to be the only one with this problem so something must be wrong with my computer. Are there any settings that I can mess with to fix this, because I've really enjoyed the game so far and would really like to play the new episode. Thanks!
You had to have it wiped. Interesting. I'm wondering if maybe you're missing some driver or something that RMXP games need but I wouldn't know what that would be. Have you tried playing any other games made with RMXP since the wipe, and if so, do they work?
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