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NES: Duck Hunt. This is the only game I can remember playing on the console itself, so it defaults as my favorite.

SNES: Super Mario Kart. This is another console I can only remember playing a single game on, so it's my top choice.

Sega Genesis: Easily Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Still holds up to this day as a great game.

Game Boy: Pokemon Yellow. This choice was either Red or Yellow, so I went with the one I played more.

Game Boy Color: Pokemon Gold. This was the first Pokemon game I actually owned, and I spent almost every waking hour I wasn't at school playing it.

Playstation 1: WWF Smackdown 2. Never owned it, but even to this day my Cousin and I talk about the memories we had playing that game.

Nintendo 64: Mario Party. This was probably the closest I was to a tie for a top spot, with Mario Kart 64, Pokemon Snap and Stadium 2 right behind it.

Xbox: I've only owned an original Xbox for about a week now, and it only came with one game- The Bible Game. Can't wait until I can bump that one off the list.

Game Boy Advance: Pokemon Emerald. Easily my favorite Pokemon game to date, and a big part of the reason I really want to see 3rd gen remakes.

Playstation 2/PSP: NHL 07. The fact that I was able to transfer my save file between the two versions years before it was an advertised feature for the PSVita was a big deal to me.

Nintendo DS: Pokemon HeartGold. Just slightly edged out White 2, but I felt much more attached to HeartGold.

Playstation 3: Skate 3. I've found myself bored with my PS3 library as of late, but any time I pop in Skate 3, the hours just seem to fly by.

Nintendo 3DS: Mario Kart 7. Considering I've owned the system for 4+ months now, I should really get around to buying a few more games.

(Bolded systems are ones that I owned, Italicized are just ones I've played)
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