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At first, I didn't agree wit Smogon takng over tha competitive battlng field of pokemon eithar.. than I found mahself watchng Wi-fi battles on Youtube. Tha ndividiual sets/EV spreads, etc. that Smogon off mean nothng witout usng tham ta build a soild, well rounded tebe .. which is entirely dependent on tha traner and choosng 6 of tha nearly 700 pokes available. It's a resource. Nothng more. Personally, I feel like ben angry at Smogon fo givng traners a resource ta allow anyone ta competitively battle is like ben buggin at a Wiki or FAQ site fo givng someone access ta all tha combned knowledge of tha hudawg race. Just coz it's thare, doesn't mean it needs ta be used.. and often times, it isn't.