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I don't really use much supporters to be honest. I usually end up using skyla to find cilan and then use him next turn. Or comp search. Cause once i get everything up and running, all i need is energy. Usually my early turns go.

Turn 1: Search for Milotic (feebas if i lack that).
Turn 2: Clear Search Squirtle, Blastoise, and Wartortle. (Or Cilan if i start with a squirtle on the bench or something in my hand.
Turn 3: Clear Search for 1 or 2 Keldeo, town map, an additional Cilan, or something else. Drop a Squirtle or wartortle depending on what i have out. Use Cilan.
Turn 4: Drop blastoise and murder things with the keldeos. Use Cilan.

Though i have found out that Frozen City will just destroy my deck. I have to run a Stadium card to counter it. Atm its sky arrow bridge. I could use the poison one, but i gave my roommate the hypnotoxic lasers to use. Also right now he ended up using my Articuno EX, my team plasma Beartics and Umbreons to make a plasma deck with Darkrai EX that with Frozen City. Completely shuts my deck down.
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