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Vera Fayos

Vera could feel the psychics drag her mind in with them, as they assaulted Sovereign. At first it was euphoric, a new feeling like she had never felt. But as soon as they hit Sovereign, the resistance was palpable. It was like she could be torn apart at any time, the turbulence indescribable. It seemed to drag on for an eternity, as if they would never get through.

Then, silence... Everything was pitch black, in all directions. As she looked around, she found that neither of her companions were there. "What now..."

You think this mortal is worth saving? Vera was surprised! The deep voice seemed to be coming from nowhere. "Who are you!? Show yourself!"

Those without a form cannot show themselves to the eyes of mortals. You have come here for the child which seeks my power, but do you really think you can pull him out of the darkness?

"If I can't see you, then what is your name?" There was silence in the wake of this question. I am the will of the Silver. I have given your "Sentinels" great power. Sovereign is now a part of me. There is nothing you can do to stop it. The bond will soon be complete, and there will be no turning back...

Some of the darkness began to clear, making way for a dull light, illuminating a lone Larvitar. I wonder where your friends have gone. I'm afraid that they are now facing demons far more dangerous than me. Do you really think they can free Sovereign from his shackles of insanity? Sovereign will be mine, and you will all be lost to the darkness, forever...