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I have fixed a few mistake in chapter 2. Also, can someone change the thread title to have PG-16 out beside the title. I tried, but it did not change and I do not know how to report it. Chapter 3 will be up soon in this post.

Episode 3, Part 1: The Pain of Ten Years.

Gwyn woke up in darkness. She looked around, but there was nothing to be seen. The darkness shifted to a forest scene. Willows, Oaks, Elms, and many other trees seemed to form out of thin air. Grass covered the ground and flowers sprouted at her feet. She then recognized this place. This was the part of the forest that she had first met Dallas.

Lillipup. A small bark came. Gwyn looked down and her Lillipup was so small.

"Oh hey, Lillipup. This must be a dream of when I first met Dallas. Go on and play. I am going to go see if I can find Dallas," she said, petting Lillipup on the fuzzy head.

She figured she had blacked out after she had gotten sick. Gwyn walked over to the creek that ran through the area. She knew where everything was. Yet it still felt odd to her. Her thoughts were broken by a cry from Lillipup. She ran in the direction of where the cry came from.

Sssee - Ssseeviper. A Seviper was facing down Lillipup.

Lillipup was just a baby. She knew it was a dream, but she couldn't bear losing it. "Lillipup!!" She cried, running between Seviper and Lillipup.

Sssseviper!! The Seviper hissed in anger.

She knew that you were never suppose to stop a Seviper from its meal. She didn't care. Her brother had given her that Lillipup for her birthday back in Unova. A month after she had received the Lillipup, her brother was killed in a plane crash. He was traveling to Kanto to face off against a legendary trainer. His plane was never found, yet they still never saw or heard him again. She loved her brother so much and wanted to go to Kanto with him, but he did not allow it. She did not want to lose the only thing left that reminded her of him.

Seviper unleashed a poison tail. It made contact with her chest and sent her flying thirty feet back and landed on her arm. She tried to move, but it was no longer possible. The poison was already starting to spread and was killing her. The Seviper no longer cared for Lillipup, no Gwyn would be a much more satisfying meal. It slithered over to where Gwyn was. It hissed sinisterly. She tried to move, but each failed attempt brought tears to her eyes. What was worst is she couldn't wake up.

"Please! Someone! Anyone! Help me!" She cried. The Seviper kept getting closer and closer. Right when the Seviper was about to finish her off, an inferno engulfed the Seviper from behind. Gwyn tried to look and could slightly make out the forms of a Growlithe and a boy about her age. It was Dallas.

Ssseviiiper! It cried in pain and anger.

The Seviper was now pissed. It launched a Poison String and then followed up with a Poison Tail. Both attacks hitting Growlithe. The Growlithe was sent flying into a tree a few yards away. Gwyn was terrified. This was not how it had originally played out.

"Growlithe! You stupid snake! You hurt my friend." Dallas yelled.

Seviper turned on Dallas. It hissed and to Gwyn's surprise launched a thunder attack. It was impossible for a seviper to learn thunder, but some how this one had learned it. The thunder attack met struck home. All Gwyn could do was watch in horror as the Seviper locked its jaw around Dallas, not able to move or wake up.

"Da- Dallas!!!!!!" She jolted up right.

"Gwyn! Gwyn! Are you ok?" Dallas asked in concern. He had both arms on her shoulders.

Gwyn looked around. They were in a dimly lit room with brick walls. Her clothes were soaked with sweat and tears. All the pain and suffering over the past ten years boiled to the surface. The loss of her brother. The disappearance of her parents. The death of so many at the bonfire. And the pain of seeing the greatest guy she had ever met being killed by the Seviper in her dream. The same Seviper who had almost killed her ten years ago. The dam of tears shattered, and she was now wrapping her arms around Dallas.

"Dallas! Why does everything bad happen to us? My brother died, our parents disappearing and seeing all those people die at the bonfire." She tried uncontrollably.

Dallas didn't say anything right away. He put his arms around her and put his head on her's. Then he finally spoke. "Shhh. Shhh. Your safe and sound now. I am here and will always be here. That is a promise. We will find our parents and we will make The Apocalyptic Brotherhood pay." Dallas rubbed her back softly.

One thing Dallas had running through his head was. Don't make a promise you can't keep. He never broke promises, but a sickly feeling was growing in his stomach.


"Sir, six people have managed to escape. But three seem to still be around here somewhere. " A man in pitch black robes announced, bowing before the man with red trim.

"Find them. If the red head in one of them, I don't want much harm to come to her. We have business to take care of. Kill the rest." The red trim man growled.

"Yes sir."

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