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The only Pokémon I'm reluctant to evolve is Glameow, but I evolve pretty much everything as early as I can. I'm all for evolution.

I've seen a guy use Duosion with Eviolite but the gain in defenses is not very big compared to Reuniclus.

Pikachu dies to Tackle. I've always been a fan of Raichu. However, after the 3rd gen introduced EVs (which sort of reduced overall defense of offensive Pokémon) you might as well use Pikachu, they both die quickly, although Raichu is faster.
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Gamefreak, if you ever read this, I want to know why you troll Pidgeot. Talonflame has Gale Wings, Staraptor has good stats and Close Combat, Swellow has Guts, even freaking Fearow has Drill Run. And you troll Pidgeot with Big Pecks, Hurricane, and 10 measly base Speed points. Why, Gamefreak? Is the original bird not good enough for you?
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