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Whenever I hear "Kingdom Hearts," I hear "Broken, convoluted, money-making train wreck."

I have played every single game in the franchise, including that ridiculous Coded nonsense. I have played the Final Mixes, which were a pain to import. Although 3D was refreshing and decent, I really have lost most of my adoration for the series since they decided to get on the spin-off gravy train.

My favorite is definitely 2's Final Mix. It ironed out some issues I had with the original KH2. Plus you can finally use the right analog to move the camera around in 2, because that camera set-up in KH1 made it so freakin' painful to get around sometimes. My least favorite is 358/2 Days....because it was completely horrid and unnecessary, storywise and gameplay-wise

Favorite Character??? I guess that would be Heartless Ansem/Xehanort. He just had that whole "Everything is horrible and dark so I can be as evil as I want" mentality, and I've always loved that pure evil sort of villain. Reminded me of Seymour, honestly.

My least favorite character is Riku. He's just your cliché anti-hero rival/friend/occasional enemy. Reminds me of a poor man's Vegeta, haha.
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