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#6 Update for Monofire - Platinum

-defeated Rival

: difficulty 5/5
*oh Arceus! xD this was hell luckilyhad Close Combat which defeatedin one hit eventually xD andhad Thunder Fang

-defeated Team Plasma and Cyrus
-got Surf
-defeated Rival
-got Strength and Backtracking

: difficulty 0/5
*had Close Combat, Flame Wheel, and Earthquake xD

-defeated Team Galactic at Lakes

: diffciutly 0/5
*4 Flamethrower

-defeated Team Galactic and Cyrus
-defeated Giratina

: difficulty 0/5
*140 Spd + 4 Earthquake..piece of cake

-done Waterfall Routes
-done Victory Road
-defeated Rival


Aaron: difficulty 0/5

Bertha: diffciulty 5/5
*Oh my Arceus! .. this was really bad xD i manage to beat her first 3 pokemon with Nasty Plot+Dark Pulse..andwere beaten to death byClose Combat

Flint: difficulty 0/5
*Earthquake on everyone

Lucian: diffiuclty 3/5
*was hard to beat but with Dark Pulse everything became easier xD

: difficulty 2/5
vsFire Fang, Dark Pulse, Fire Fang 3-5
vsThunder Punch, Mirror Mail, Thunder Punch 3-4
vsThudner Punch, Air Slash, Thunder Punch, Shock Wave 2-4
vsFull Heal, Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse 2-3
vsDark Pulse, flinch(*_*), Dark Pulse 2-2
vsExtreme Speed 1-2
vsRevived Infernape, Stone Edge 1-2
vsFlare Blitz 1-1
vsFlare Blitz 1-0

Final Team:
Careful | Male | Blaze | Black Belt
Thunder Punch
Close Combat
Flare Blitz

Adamant | Male | Flash Fire | Rapid Claws
Fire Fang
Iron Tail

Naive | Female | Early Bird | Black Glasses
Sludge Bomb
Nasty Plot(*_*)
Dark Pulse

On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons