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Well, we've got the thread asking if Red's overpowered in HgSs. However, the reason Red's so powerful is actually because in Platinum Barry's so powerful.
In GSC Red's pokémon range from lv.73 (Espeon) to Lv.81 (Pikachu). And in Diamond/Pearl Barry's pokémon at the weekends in the Battle Zone range from lv.58 (Staraptor) to lv.64 (Starter).
However, in Platinum Barry's pokémon level up after you defeat him enough times. Starting out slightly stronger than in DP, they increase by 10 levels after 10 battles, and a further 10 after 20 battles, leaving his pokémon ranging from lv.79 (Rapidash / Floatzel / Roserade depending on which starter you chose) to lv.85 (Starter). In other words stronger than Red.
This meant that in HeartGold/SoulSilver they had to make a decision - do we keep Red as he was in GSC, or do we bump him up so he's stronger than Barry? They chose the latter - Red's pokémon now range from lv.80 (Lapras) to lv.88 (Pikachu). Hence the other thread complaining about Red's strength.

So my question is, do you think Barry is overpowered?

Personally I don't. I think we just have to assume by the time you've had 20 battles a few years have passed - Red took 3 years to hit them levels, no way Barry hits that strength in 5 months. It kinda makes sense that other people can hit levels similar to Red though - after all, many of the subsequent game protaganists actually surpass the achievements of Red (in GSCHGSS by defeating him), so surely the rivals and champions can hit a similar level.

EDIT: Just noticed most people are commenting on how easy he is to beat. I have to agree. And I'm pretty sure if I trained my pokémon in the 20 weeks it takes him to hit lv.80s then I'd probably have lv.100 pokémon.
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