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Originally Posted by DeltaSalamence View Post
You're very welcome. I'll be sure to make more programming tutorials. Source code will be included each time.
Now a great tutorial (if not to complicated) would be some kind of simple inserting of an asm code into a fire red rom. Like a small tool that adds jpans saveblock patch and give one the option to add the flag extension and the var extension hack. I am new to programming so I do like the idea of additional spoilers to explain what each chunk of code does. And any good video tutorials or pdf tutorials you may know about to teach me the ins and outs of programming. seems to be very beginner friendly, I tried learning RGSS-Ruby Game Scripting System so I could make a ABS-Action Battle System for Pokémon Essentials but no one was willing to help, and I had no clue where to start as most of the rmxp scripts don't work with Pokémon Essentials. Any way I will learn how (Eventually) to program so all my ideas can be brought to life.

Thank you for taking your time to Educate us who have trouble with the learning curve of programming. I do have to say if there is any way possible to go over the little details that most don't pay any mind to.. I only say this because I just learned how to use setvar and compare commands in xse and that is only because no one ever really went into detail about these commands ( not to say A lot of others ).
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