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Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
Maaaah I was like the only one not credited, I'm feeling so left out! (ok truthfully I didn't know much about this RP in the making but that was because you didn't tell me much :p ) Won't have time to join right now but good luck Retroooo.
Awh, this means so much, thank you and check again! ;p

Originally Posted by Jegretis View Post
I'll most likely be joining(hoping you except new forum members). I'll try and have my SU by either tonight or sometime tomorrow.
Of course newcomers are welcome! I'll be awaiting your SU! ^^;

Originally Posted by Supervegeta View Post
First to complete the SU! Hope everything's good. Can't wait to get this started.
I'll check it more thoroughly later, but everything looks good right now so you're my first Accepted Shadowhunter!

@Everyone Else: Thank you so much for taking interest in my RP and I cannot wait to read your SUs. Questions are always welcomed, and if you need any assistance I'm here to help. As things go on I'm receiving some questions so I've been tinkering with the two posts. So, when I do add more stuff I'll most likely create a OOC post or edit one so you guys will know what changed. Some reminders too.

  • I need you to include your parent's first and last name.
  • Also, I've changed the wording of the Your Participation, as you don't need to be the son or daughter for vampires and warlocks, as they cannot have children. You can be the mentee or prodigy of one of them.
  • I've extended the age for vampires that way they could be a bit older when they were turned into a vampire.
  • Werewolves shapeshifted form is like a normal wolf but a bit bigger. Pure breeds are naturally stronger and bigger.

  • Include your parent's names as well.
  • Be sure to include whether or not you grew up in Idris or an Institute.
  • Shadowhunter names usually don't contain the same word. I.e no two would have "Storm" in the name, or "Tree". I'll be keeping a list on the information page.

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