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Episode 1: Kenta

The cold wind blew in my hair that morning, as I slowly walked home from school. Maki had warned me, time and time again, about the disappearances in the area - she was just worrying, the streets were empty and peaceful. Nothing to worry about.

Lately, with the odd phenomena going on, I had noticed the city getting emptier. People must have been moving away from the drama, out to the countryside and away from the coast. The news reporters weren't helping matters, every time I turned on the TV they would be there proclaiming doom for New York City.

I turned out of the deserted alleyway on to a busier road, ducking and diving between business men and other students I made my way to my frequent stop off point. Magnolia Bakery was a quaint little business, I often stopped their for a quick snack on the long walk home.

"G'morning! How can I help?" Chimed the small cashier girl, she was often there when I popped in.

"A cinnamon roll to go," I said, pulling out a fistful of coins from my pocket and trading them for the sugary pastry. "Keep the change," I mumbled, throwing my hand up in some gesture of thanks as I left the establishment.

Just as I stepped out the door, my phone buzzed in my pocket. Balancing precariously against the wall I managed to pull it out, without dropped my cinnamon roll or bag.
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What did you last slave die of? I thought, as I left the road and turned in to the local park.
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