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I'll give this a shot if everyone is so chicken.

Fo' rizzles: My narcissistic demeanour often leads people to believe I'm bullying them intentionally when in reality I don't often think about what I say to people.

Fo' rizzles #2: I am very prejudice against people that publicly display their stupidity, intentionally or not. This I am not ashamed and I believe I'm bettering society.
But reading how okay I am with it is quite shocking actually.

Virtually: In any video game where I can choose to be good or evil I try, I really try being good but people end up annoying me so I murder them with a fireball or similar. My character never ends up being truly evil, so I guess I have moral limits as to how far I go.

@Gym Leader Rozu I'm not sure why you regret calling someone a rotten toenail, there are plenty worse things that you could have said. Plus it kind of comes of as a playful kind of nasty.

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