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Hi, I'm just wondering what other battlers think of my stall team. I normally go for a more balanced team, so this is the first time I'm using a team for the purpose of stalling and residual damage. Please give me any suggestions and/or feedback :D This team doesn't go on PO, it's for wi-fi battles, and for the most part I don't compete in tier battles. This is a written idea as of yet, so I'm open to changing/reviewing anything :D

@Focus Sash/Eviolite
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Careful
~Roar/Circle Throw
~Drain Punch/Shadow Claw
EVs: 248 HP / 112 Def / 96 SpD / 52 Spe

This is the first Pokemon I chose for my team because it has the ability to phaze with a priority (Roar/Circle Throw + subsequent Copycats). After laying Stealth Rock and Spikes down, I wait until the perfect opportunity to get Riolu in to begin his evil task. I'm debating Circle Throw or Roar, because will Roar will work on any Pokemon and won't fold to Ghost-types like Circle Throw will, but Circle Throw would add to the residual damage, in which case I'd come up with a new EV spread (the current EV's were taken from Smogon). If I choose Roar, I'll use Drain Punch for my third attack for the purpose of recovering health, but if I use Circle Throw, I think Shadow Claw would be more convenient for taking out the Ghosts that get in my way. I'm also on the fence about Substitute vs. Protect. I want it to have Substitute, but it'll be against some pretty tough foes, so I'm not sure if he'll have the health to sustain it, while Protect will work no matter how much health I've lost and allows me to scout for attacks. As you can see from all the /'s, I need a lot of help with this one.

@Lagging Tail
Ability: Prankster
Nature: Calm
EVs: 252 HP / 116 Def / 142 SpD

The oh-so-annoying Sableye will of course make an appearance on my team. As one of my favorite Pokemon in ADV, I was happy to see him become so annoyingly.. annoying. His job is to use his ability to bypass the effects of the Lagging Tail and pass it to a Pokemon using Trick. This is, of course, after I've gotten my target into position. Before that happens I have Recover, just in case I take damage, Taunt to break any opposing stalls, and Will-O-Wisp will break physical attackers to a very weak power. Being that speed does not really matter (Unless faced by Whimsicott), it has a defensive spread of EVs. I put less into Def than SpD since Will-O-Wisp can harm the oppsoing attack stats. As a little added bonus, Sableye is my spinblocker, and Rapid Spinners will give it a nice opportunity to sneak in and wreak havoc.

Ability: Liquid Ooze
Nature: Bold
~Rapid Spin
EVs: 252 HP / 236 Def / 20 Spe

Tentacruel is a Pokemon I hated, just because of the constant annoyance of using surf in the ADV games to only find Tentacool... But he's powerful, so I'll deal with it. I use Liquid Ooze because with Omastar on my team, I feel like moves such as Drain Punch or Giga Drain are viable, and I can thus switch into Tentacruel when I suspect something of the sort. Rapid Spin is the main purpose of having Tentacruel here; to out-stall another stall team, it needs to spin away any possible hazards. It also absorbs Toxic Spikes, meaning my team won't need to deal with any Poisoning. Toxic is there to badly poison Pokemon that I don't want to Burn (if they aren't physical attacks or are walls). Scald is a decent move with the chance to induce Burn, so Tentacruel also has it's own way of dealing with physical attackers. Substitute is there to prevent him from getting a status induced. I wasn't sure about EVs, so I just used Smogon EVs.

Ability: Sturdy
Nature: Careful
~Brave Bird
EVs: 224 HP / 32 Def / 252 SpD

This is my main hazard setter. It has Spikes, and her purpose is (of course) to set up all the layers that she can. She has defensive EVs, but to keep her alive (being that she is the only Pokemon I have to resist Dragon) Tentacruel resists Fire, Omastar resists Rock, and Flygon is immune to Electric, and it has Roost to recover from any unpredicted attacks. Whirlwind is what makes Skarmory my second phazer, being that I can't always rely on Riolu for phazing. Brave Bird prevents Skarmory from becoming Taunt bait and gives it a way to deal more direct damage.

Ability: Rough Skin
Nature: Jolly
-Stealth Rock
-Dragon Tail
-Fire Blast
EVs: 252 HP/196 Def/60 Spe

Garchomp can deal a good amount of damage, set up Stealth Rocks, and even phaze effectively by using Dragon Tail. Rough Skin is also a great ability because if it gets hit by a contact move the attacker takes residual damage, and with resistances to Fire, Poison, and Rock, it can switch into a physical contact attack effectively. Fire Blast adds Type Coverage between the two attacking Pokemon that was very lacking. I'm shocked I didn't think to use Garchomp originally with it's great capabilities of dealing residual and direct damage.

@White Herb
Ability: Weak Armor
Nature: Timid
~Shell Smash
~Ice Beam
~Hidden Power (Grass)
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Special Sweeper in case I need it. Can take out Gliscor, and Dragon-types with Ice Beam, Surf will cover Pokemon like Chandelure, and HP Grass is for a safety net in case I'm faced with a Jellicent and want to do quick damage in addition to hazards and Toxic.

So that's my team Suggest and rate away !