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While this might not be a morally sound thing, I do agree with the Supreme Court's ruling. As what are supposed to be independent states, we should be governing ourselves. The Federal Government is merely meant to be the string that binds us all together. As history has proven, even with the minority votes bogged down, progress is still made in the proper direction--perhaps all the more so in the face of such adverse conditions.

@KingCharizard: As mentioned a little earlier, there is plenty they can do to make it difficult for minorities to vote. At times, it has been property or wealth requirements, at others, literacy or other tests. They will look for anything that they can prey upon and move in to capitalize on that opportunity to block the unwanted votes. Often times, this will even block the votes from the white people they want who just so happen to fall into the same category. To remedy this, they brought in things such as the Grandfather clause, which allowed many illiterate whites to vote, if their Grandpa had. Now, I know that in a modern age they can't be so blatant about their tactics, but you can bet your ass they'll be trying everything they can like this.
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