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I don't know if you're still developing this, or if you have any designers yet, but i'd be willing to help you with graphics, or coding.

I use Gimp, and the latest Photoshop (which is currently Photoshop CC), oh, and Paint Tool Sai. I'm really good with Gimp, i'm also good with Photoshop, and I can draw a few stuff on PTS. I still have a lot to learn about coding but, i'm average with it, that's why i'd prefer designing, c:

I hope this doesn't bother you too much, but I'm only 13. I love drawing and graphic design though, and doing this would be like a dream come true. I love Pokemon and i'm friendly and easy to get along with, so... :3

If you have any questions for me, i'd be glad to answer them.

P.S- I joined this forum just because I saw this and it looked amazing. Good work on the features!
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