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Hey guys! Just an update on my ultimate challenge POISON type run. I'm playing Soulsilver.

Here's my adventure so far.
-Picked Cyndaquil for a starter.
-Traveled to Cherrygrove.
-Went to Mr. Pokemon's house.
-Came back and fought my rival. Easy!
-Went back to New Bark Town to do boring stuff.
-Went all the way to the dark cave, dodging trainers.
-Caught Zubat!
-Went to Violet City.
-Went to Route 32 to grind Zubat up to level 8.
-Caught Ekans!
-Grinded Ekans up to level 10. (Zubat to level 10, too.)
-Challenged Sprout Tower. No gastly.
-By the time I got to the top floor, I have grinded my pokemon both to level 12.
-Easily beat the Elder, no worries.
-Grinded Zubat and Ekans to level 13.
-Flew my way straight through Falkner, the bird master.
-Traveled down Route 32 to progress through the game.
-Got an old rod and caught Tentacool.
-Grinded all my pokemon to level 14.
-Beat my way through the union cave.
-Not much level gaining here. =(
-Beat Team Rocket.


Tentacool (Currently Grinding.)
Level 14

Ekans (Power pokemon!)
Level 16, almost 17.

Zubat (Wall for now.)
Level 16, almost 17.