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Quote originally posted by Daedalus:
AOT would be very, very useful. Definitely adding it to my game, hopefully Maruno decides to add it to Essentials.

On the topic of music-related issues...

Is there any possible way we could get a way to loop non-midi music in the future? Midis are absolute garbage and don't always sound the same for everyone. I haven't really messed around with FMod that much (I'm not entirely sure it even works with Essentials without some modifications) but this is something that would help greatly. It's such a waste to have a very talented composer, and no way to properly loop the music.
I think this is an RPG Maker Problem. Whether fixes have been made or not I can't recall but I have never had any real problems with getting MP3 to loop, I am not sure about other formats though.

The only reason MIDI is a viable choice is the filesize, really.

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