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We can swap decks?

Makes it a bit easier to decide what deck to use I guess.

Username - Mr. X/asdfth13
Deck - Reverse Burn
Platform - Dueling Network

Lost 0-2 against Alex (Reverse Burn V Batteryman)
Lost 1-2 against Francois (Reverse Burn V Harpies)
Lost 0-2 against Bloodex (Reverse Burn V Exodia)
Won 2-0 against SetheKing (Reverse Burn V Warriors?)
Won 2-0 against Alex (Savage Burn V Beatdown?)
Not Complete 0-1-1 against Alex (Reverse Self-Destruct V Glad Beasts)
Lost 0-2 against Cirrus (Reverse Burn V Machu Mech OTK/Constellars)
Won 2-0 against Thunder Dwarf (Reverse Burn V Batteryman)
Lost 0-2 against Bloodex (Brainwashing V something)
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