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Forcing clinics to have admitting privileges ensures that many will shut down because they don't have or can't get them. It has nothing to do with the skill of the medical staff or the quality of care at the clinic so to say that these restrictions are making things safer for women is ingenuous at best.

Ultrasounds are medically unnecessary and they cost money. They're like a poll tax - an extra burden designed to reduce the number of people looking to exercise their freedom of choice. Only instead of voting it's access to abortion services.

Abortions are already safe when people have free access to them. It's when you restrict the options that people get desperate. Forcing more clinics to close, forcing extra procedures makes it harder to get an abortion. It should not be hard to get one because that will cause some women to suffer. Either they will have to pay more money or make other sacrifices, they will seek alternate and unsafe methods, or they will be forced to keep a pregnancy they don't wish to have. That is not the "safe, legal, and rare" that people talk about. "Safe, legal, and rare" is about having free access so that no one is forced into unsafe and illegal methods. The rare part is about not having so many unwanted pregnancies in the first place, not about keeping the same numbers of unwanted pregnancies while reducing the number who can get abortions. That should be obvious. I mean, imagine that there are on average 100 women for every 10,000 women who are pregnant and looking for abortions. You can either provide education and contraceptive help to reduce that number of pregnancies in the first place, and therefore the number of abortions, or you can just restrict the number of abortions that are allowed regardless of the number of pregnancies.
They are not, as Freaky seems to imply, the same thing and what people who advocate for abortion rights mean when they say they want abortions to be rare.

tl;dr laws like these only make it harder to get an abortion and force people into extra, unnecessary hardship
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