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Look forward to: userbars, badges, a new look for the club and much more!

From Acinonyx to Uncia - from the great wild warriors of the outdoors to our cuddly indoor friends, this is a club dedicated to an Pokemon related to cats. If you love cats and you love Pokemon, then you're gonna like this club.

1. All of PC's regular rules apply.
2. To join, you must fill out the sign-up sheet. Simple logic!
3. Have fun!

Sign-Up Sheet
Do you want to go by a nickname? If so, your nickname is:
Pick a partner Pokemon (optional):
Pick your partner's nickname (optional):
Your favorite real-life cat:
Your favorite cat Pokemon:
An answer to the topic:

Members List
Narnia & her Liepard
AlexOzzyCake & Mittens the Skitty
Snowdrop & Baba the Entei
Miau & Duchess the Purrloin
Astinus & Speedy the Meowth
TwilightBlade & Dream the Delcatty
Jellicentfan1 & Sparks the Jolteon
Angelomanalo & Meow the Sneasel
Starlight Sprite & Trixie the Umbreon
Cirno & Vanilla the Skitty

BlueEspeon & Kitty the Espeon
ErikaInRainbowCity & Cleo the Persian
Stoney the Togekiss & Abigale the Absol
Frozax & Icicle the Glaceon
Magistrum & her Glaceon

Why do you think Nintendo made many cat Pokemon so awful to use in battle? Does it irritate you?

List of Cats or Partial Cats

Species Guide
Meowth: Lucky Cat, Persian: Limber and Cross-Domestic-Puma-Cat & Myth, Arcanine: Traits of Lions and Tigers, Eevee: Fox & Domestic Cat, Vaporeon: Fox & Domestic Cat, Jolteon: Fox & Domestic Cat, Flareon: Fox & Domestic Cat, Mew: Traits of a Cat, Mewtwo: Based off of Mew, Hoppip: Unofficially a Domestic Cat, Espeon: Fox & Domestic Cat, Umbreon: Fox & Domestic Cat, Sneasel: Weasel & Dark Cat & Mythology, Raikou: Mythological Beast in Form of Tiger, Entei: Fu Lion, Suicune: Mythological Beast in Leopard Form yet Sharing Wolf-Like Similarities, Skitty: Domestic Cat, Delcatty: Domestic Cat & Possibly Show/Purebred Cat, Zangoose: Mostly Mongoose but Shares Traits with Cats, Absol: Many Mythological Possibilities Most Likely Being the Barghest or a Giant Cougar-Like Animal, Shinx: Lion Cub, Luxio: Adolescent Lion, Luxray: Adult Male Lion, Glameow: Domestic Cat, Purugly: Domestic Cat, Weavile: Evolution of Sneasel, Leafeon: Fox & Domestic Cat, Glaceon: Fox & Domestic Cat, Purrloin: Domestic Cat, Liepard: Leopard Cat