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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
Meaning, if the Democrats proposed it it'd be a wonderfully thoughtful idea.

On the first part of that, I'd think that would be wanted by any government of any political stripe since higher birth rates means more tax-paying citizens.

Second half, of course, that's not desirable at all

Some may close down in the short term, yes. That's unfortunate. But wouldn't others open up later who meet the criteria? It's not like all clinics go away forever.

It's like saying we can't enforce new food standard guidelines because that may cause some current producers to close up shop. Adapt and get better.
You misunderstand. Yes, having Doctors with high-level admittance privileges would probably be good, they'd be highly trained and skilled, not to mention expensive. But having them in scenario is like having calling a SWAT team in to capture the kid who stole your bike. Unnecessary.

And it's hard to open new clinics when most of the federal dollars don't make their way to the clinics because they provide abortions. Something WI, MI, VA, OK, ND, etc, have already tried to do. ;(
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