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@EGK, Harriet's birthday is my mother's birthday,

As for the Tales stuff, I really should get down to play ToS, as I haven't really touched it yet,

Also, this will be the placeholder for my SU as it is still in progress.

Ludwig Masquet

A fifteen year-old male with glasses
Appearance: Ludwig has the slightly below average height of 5'5" and also has average weight. He has pale gray eyes hidden behind glasses, as he has much difficulty seeing without them. He has short dark brown hair, and his body shows that he tries to exercise. Ludwig has light skin colour and a slim build.

Clothes-wise, Ludwig has two different attires regarding winter and summer. Beginning winter, he wears a red scarf around his neck as well as a dull black trench coat. Pants-wise, he wears more black clothes in order to absorb as much heat possible, yet strangely he wears fingerless gloves in both winter and summer.

In summer, Ludwig wears a red bandana around his neck and a shirt, pale blue and white in colour with a bit of black here and there. He wears slim pants designed for running with a few streaks of white running along its light-gray surface.

In both seasons, Ludwig consistently wears his glasses (except when he's sleeping) and his blue and black satchel, in which he carries any items for his journey as well as his fingerless gloves which reduce friction. He also wears his good pair of Running Shoes ("Remember to hold B to run!") given to him by his mother for his adventure.

Personality: Ludwig is the "odd one" of his family, only liking his younger brother, because his younger brother Friedrich looks up to him. Ludwig has a fear of Houndours and Houndooms because of a childhood injury that forced him to wear glasses. However, Ludwig is very passionate when it comes to other Pokemon, regardless of their type.

Ludwig was born on the 21st of December near Mahogany Town, born the second-youngest out of the six children in his family. As his father was a busy man nearly constantly on work trips, one can imagine the competition for Ludwig's mother's attention. But instead of fighting and quarreling like the rest of his siblings, he was more of the quiet-type, knowing at a young age that he would be nutured regardless whether he would cause trouble or do nothing. So in this constant struggle for attnetion, Ludwig gave his own attention to the house-pet, a Sunflora. Playing with the Sunflora made him realise his abilites.

At the age of seven, Ludwig's younger brother, Friedrich, was born and the family moved near Olivine City for more space for them to live. Soon after they moved, every child (except the infant Friedrich) were enrolled at the local school, where Ludwig proved the better of his siblings, being more intelligent and well-mannered than them, as well as recieving exceptional results for the electives Biology and Pokemon Behaviours.

EDIT: Updated it, but not complete yet.
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