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I'm not the bit surprised Yveltal is a Dark/Flying and I was expecting Xerneas to be at least part Fairy. Pure Fairy was a bit off-guard but I'm not than okay with it. Death Wing sounds like a really cool move! It's may be changed in the English version and I'd be happy if if isn't. Yveltal being Dark/Flying makes me sure I'm getting Y.

Goronda is freaking awesome. Who knew Pancham would have such a badass evolution! I'm so getting a Pancham on my team now! And it's Fighting/Dark! Looks like Scraggy and Scrafty have new friends.I wonder what it's new method of evolution is.

Maika and Karamanero are really cute and Dark/Psychic is a rather interesting typing. We finally have a squid Pokemon and they're really cute!

Peroppafu is so cute!!! It's based on cotton candy which is an interesting thing to base a Pokemon on. I guess the Vanillite of this generation. Kind of disappointed it's X exclusive though.

Shushup is quite interesting. Not sure what kind of bird it's based on, maybe a flamingo? It really looks like a fllamingo to me.If so, then it makes since it's Fairy. It's really cute.

I like the new professor, Purataanu, he has cool hair and looks rather young. I love that you get to battle him every now and then! Maybe you will get to battle after you get your starter as a first battle.

The new gym leaders are cool. My guess is that Shi toron (spaced to bypass filter, the only time I'm doing it. Once we get an English name, i'm using it over it's Japanese.) is an Electric type specialist cause of his weird gears in the backpack. I really him. Zakuro's cool too, but his hair is odd. What's the blue, yellow and red things? I really hope this guy is a Dark type gym leader cause he really give a Dark vibe not cause of his skin color.

Team Flare. Interesting names for a villainous team.Too bad it doesn't complete the GRAMPS theory. Interesting outfits too, dig the suits. Their goal is to make money? That's rather simple but out there.
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