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Gilded Halls
a sandbox roleplay ★ rated 'teen'

status: as full as an egg
about this roleplay:
Welcome to Gilded Halls. This roleplay will allow you to explore life through the eyes of a teenager who is, just slightly, extraordinary. Whether it's super powers, a specific aptitude or skill they excel in, this roleplay will bring them together.

GH is going to be very open. It is based on a roleplay I ran on another website, many years ago. There are some similarities with X-Men, however this roleplay is not based on the series or mechanics in terms of abilities. Creativity will thrive in this roleplay, to ensure this each period in the day will be represented by a long period irl. Typically a single lesson will last a month, and is fully optional.

Your character has been written to, inviting them in to the school. To the public Gilded Halls is just an esteemed boarding school; you will soon see it is much more. It is a school that nurtures real talent, letting students excel in the hidden arts.

rules to abide by:
→ Of course, PC rules and roleplay corner rules apply.
→ All IC posts must be at least 100 words in length.
→ Do not use abbreviations e.g. "omg".
→ Do not double post.
→ At present, I am GM. I may take on a sub-leader to assist.
→ In order to post in the IC thread your sign up must be approved by the GM.
→ Respect other players and communicate with each other.
→ Get along, have fun!

powers and aptitudes:
It is very important that your character's skills are in keeping with this roleplay, and do not pose a problem in terms of god-modding or bunnying. For example, teleportation is a great ability and power - being able to teleport other people /against their will/ however, is a problem.

You may pick any ability you would like, and as long as you can balance it. I will stop abilities being duplicated/copied too much, so make sure that yours is unique! I won't be accepting two characters with identical powers.

Since the characters are all teenagers, their powers should be underdeveloped and rather limited. Age does have a bearing on this, an eighteen year old should be more developed than an eleven year old. Abilities are definitely allowed to grow and change during your time here, but there should be clear limitations to what your character can do.

Not a super-power kind of writer? Academic successes and sporting legends are welcome as well. Perhaps they have a real skill at reading a person's character, maybe they're just very empathetic. I'm happy for skilled characters to join, and if you would like to develop a power later on that is up to you~

Generic abilities will be introduced via the lessons. These are things that any character can do, however you may wish to handicap them in that respect. For example, in Elements 101 pupils will be attempting to control an element of nature on a tiny level.

the school day:
The school runs a peculiar timetable, that allows pupils to pick and choose which lesson they attend. The majority of lessons are pupil-led, without a teacher in sight and clear instructions left in the classroom. That means that pupils are free to come and go as they please, completing the task anywhere in the extended gap.

Day 1:
● Registration
● Period 1: SPORTS
● Period 2: ELEMENTS 101
● Lunch/Free afternoon

further information:
The IC thread will be your main source of information about the school, including where you can go, the general layout and what the school has to offer. I will be making a full list of facilities, with as much detail as possible, to make sure everyone is consistent and has something to refer back to.

Lesson information will be posted as an event update whenever we progress a period. These updates will also offer new options for things to do (or ban you from doing others).
signing up:
Full name:
Appearance: [1+ paragraphs]
History: [2+ paragraphs]

Ability name:
[1+ Paragraphs]
Limitations: [1+ Paragraph or bullet points]

Room Number: [1-8: If two people reply the same number, they will share a room]

enrolled students:
1. Jamie Lane (Room 7) SwiftSign
2. Alicea Shay Bernard (Room 4) Nideous
3. Eden Ildraza (Room 2) Colony
4. Beege Davis (Room 2) heretostay123
5. Matthias Winston (Room 3) Sir Bastian
6. Definite Lorenzo (Room 6) Khawill
7. Nathan Steele (Room 4) JNathan
8. Ginevra May Morrigan (Room 7) Mac
9. Adrian Draegar (Room 12) Cosmic Fury
10. Dominic Irving (Room 8) ChiliDawgs
11. Evan Kyong Woo Sung (Room 8) BlahISuck
12. Lewis Knighton (Room 6) Cirrus
13. Selena Bravo (Room 1) Meganium90
14. William Valerius Coenen (Room 1) Lord Sephear
15. Angel Lumis (Room 10) Fuyu
16. Grace de Lambrina (Room 12) EliteBeats
17. Kyle Marx (Room 11) amerininja
18. Manchester O'Brien (Room 10) milktankRancher
19. Priscilla Anne Bellerose (Room 11) ShayShaytheShaymin
20. Quinton Song (Room 5) Mr. Mammoth>
Valiant House dormitory:
GF: Room numbers 1-4 full
1F: Room numbers 5-8 full

River Lodge dormitory:
GF: Room numbers 10-12 full

out of from school:
Riley Dauth ‎EGKangaroo
Kevin Blake WooliestSteam1
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