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-How many friends do you have?

Ummm... not to be like that douche that is over confident and thinks hes all cool but, i have quite a few friends xD Don't know how many but i have a group of 5 guys and were really close.

-How did you meet your friends, i.e online, work, school, a random conversation on the street etc.
I met almost all my friends through school. It's quit easy to meet people at school and all you really need to do to make at least a few friends is just show everyone love (be nice), act a little funny, and just not be annoying. It's pretty simple XD. Other ways i've made friends is from sports, church, and just online like here on PC.

-Do you make friends naturally or is it difficult for you?

It's pretty easy for me... i think that i'm relatively easy to get along with and i just try and be chill and be nice to everyone i meet.

-And last but not least.. The most important question! What makes a friend?

Hmmm this is hard... i would say in a sense if i were to explain to someone that didn't know what a friend was, i would say just what Quop said but after experiencing friendships, good and bad, I believe there are good friends and bad friends. But the thing that makes someone your friend is that you just generally like them and they like you. What makes that friend a good one or a bad one is up to what happens after the initial friendship. I don't think that you must pass certain things to become a friend just you become one... some of my closest friends and I have gone through rough patches but the friends that you can get through the arguments and struggles with are the ones that are the closest and the good ones.
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