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I've been looking out for a nice journey RP to join for a little now. Sign me up!!

ps im reusing a character from a roleplay that died but i loved him so i didn't get to use him that much *cry*

Name: Sam "Birdie" O'Brien
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Birdie is quite cute for a guy, much to his frustration (though it is mainly his fault). He's got a messy flop of brown hair and round, brown eyes hidden underneath his glasses. He's not tall, but neither short for a boy of his age but probably a tiny bit lankier than one. He doesn't look physically strong at all, nor do his glasses look like they make him any smarter. Actually, aside from looking cute and his ridiculous nickname, he looks like a perfectly average sixteen year old.

Clothes wise, he's not exactly sharply dressed nor does he run around in torn clothing. He sticks to what's comfortable; t-shirts, maybe collared shirts every now and again, and a pair of pants, usually jeans or shorts depending on the weather. His shoes are just as plain, toting a pair of comfortable laced shoes. To hold stuff he carries around with him, Birdie also has a normal sized backpack with several pockets for different uses. He keeps his PokéBalls in his pockets or maybe his bag, whatever's easier. Other than that, he has no excess jewellery nor random additions of clothing, asides his glasses. He's just a normal, kinda cute guy with glasses.

Personality: Birdie is seen as a little bit of a loner to those who are acquainted with him, though that's not really true at all. Not entirely. Sure, he enjoys company and sure, social gatherings are a lot of fun but Birdie is a listener. He likes to be a part of a group conversation but not the one that drives it. If he's with his friends, he'll be either reading a book or playing a video game of some-sort, but always listening. In fact, his friends have pulled him up a few times about it but are a little flabbergasted to realise that he can recall everything they've said perfectly. The only time he doesn't listen is when he's staring off into space, though it's not hard to snap him out of that. When he does talk, Birdie is always polite, using 'sir' and 'miss' whenever possible to him elders. He would never swear or say something inappropriate.

Birdie is one to just go with the flow, following what him friends do. As long as it isn't completely ridiculous or out of the blue, Birdie will probably do what you ask him to without any questions. He's a little bit of a people pleaser, doing whatever he can to fuel other's happiness regardless of his own. He's got quite a strong sense of what he thinks is right and wrong so he's willing to tell you if he thinks you're doing something not particularly nice.

As one who's practically been raised by video games, Birdie has a lot to do with them in his life. Whenever he has a spare minute, he's thrashing the buttons on him portable console to try and beat the next boss or finish the next level. He's also a bit of an artist and likes to draw video games as much as possible. In fact, if you look through his sketch book, he has various storylines sketched out and different characters littered between the pages.

History: Birdie was born and raised in the little town that is Twinleaf Town by an overbearing, stay-at-home mother and a white collar father. He was the middle child of a family of boys; an older (by five years), who is currently on his own Pokémon journey, and a younger (by six years), who attends school like any child should. Their family was well off, not in a great deal of debt but yet his father insisted on working all the time. This put an incredible amount of stress on her mother though Birdie knew nothing of it until she hit his teens.

During his younger years, to keep Birdie oblivious to the fights his parents had, his father gave him video games, which seemed to do the trick. Not only this, but his father managed to catch a Starly and gave it to his two sons (as the younger had not been born yet) as a pet. 'Birdy' became Birdie's favourite word and thus his family insisted on no longer calling him Sam and to use the nickname Birdie to mock him. Unfortunately, the name stuck like glue and now, he introduces himself as such.

All his way through school, Birdie shirked his work and played with his now Staraptor all day and video games to all hours of the night. Any other parents would probably have scolded the boy, but with a father that was barely around and a mother focusing on taking care of her children, they had no time to care. It was lucky for Birdie that he was naturally intelligent and seemed to pass all his tests and exams with flying colours.

When the chance arose to become a Pokémon Trainer, Birdie jumped on it and his parents didn't disagree, with one child already out in the world. He's sure he can be the best trainer in the world, but with a weak heart like Birdie's, everybody knows he won't be able to make it anywhere without someone encouraging him along the way.

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