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Yuppers, the Trade Corner's going to be your best friend. :D A lot of people are into trading here and we have a lot of trade shops open where members can get whatever they're looking for. There's also a Quick Trade thread you can utilize if you're looking for small trades that don't require their own thread. And if you're lost over there, just contact the amazing moderators, Mac, twistedpuppy, or tabor62. All of three of 'em are super sweet and eager to help out.

...but yeah, hopefully we will be able to transfer Pokemon to the sixth generation when it comes out. Would be a bummer if we couldn't since I worked hard on my Black 2 'mons. ;( I spent a lot of time IV/EV training my current team and have some adorable shinies I'd like to keep! On that note, it's exciting to see the shiny versions of all these new Pokemon once generation 6 comes out. Hopefully they're really amazing, especially the starters. Be sure to explore our Pokemon X & Pokemon Y board to discuss everything related to the upcoming games - we'd love to have you there! It's a very popular board where you'll meet many, many awesome people. Maybe we can trade sometime when I finally have something to offer, yeah? :)

Hope you have a great time working towards completing your dex and if you're lost, just message me and I'll try to help you out! You can also try some battling our Battle Center if you're interested, that's another fun way to get the most out of your current games before X and Y come out.

Welcome to PC, noukou! Have an amazing time and see you around~!

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