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Tasteful or not, they have every right to try to market the magazine. However, if vendors are not willing to sell their products in the store it is not a successful business move.

I watched a little soundbite of a rep from Rollingstone, and he claimed that the magazine wanted to tell a story of how an ingenuous and bright teen-aged boy underwent a metamorphosis into a monster. Thus, a picture was used that portrayed Tsarnaev in a more humanistic light to assimilate him with the average and decent human being that he once was. (the impression I got out of the brief coverage)

I am not offended by the magazine cover given the reason behind it as it questions why terrorism exists and opens the dialogue on the topic that terrorist are human, however, the magazine didn't seem to take into account the public reaction and the effects on the marketability. Though, it could be speculated that there was an intent to grab everyone's attention with a fairly controversial and bold subject. However, they did take the controversiality too far in respect to the public's tolerance or threshold for controversiality as it relates to marketability.

However, I would have to read the entire article to better grasp how the article relates to the cover.
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