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Well, I always found it really easy to trick the game into landing the legendary right where I wanted it -- I would sit at the border between two different places (Usually two routes) and check my Pokedex. It would tell me where the legendary currently was. I would then flit between the two places, passing the border until the legendary was in one of the areas.

I sort of found out the fact that the legendaries move to another location every time you move to a new area by complete accident -- I think it might even have had something to do with Gen IV's Poketch, which made things beyond convenient when hunting for those cursed roamers. I was more than shocked to find out that the Gen V roamers still followed the same rule.

So, in my opinion, I really have no problem with it. It gives Pokemon a new variable, since not every Pokemon just sits waiting for you at the end of every cave. It's sometimes exciting to run across this rare beast when you aren't even looking for it, but I can certainly understand the pain for those who spend so much time looking around for them.
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