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Quote originally posted by Went:
Certainly, the city needs a complete reform, since it's pretty clear that it will never be the 2-million people megalopolis it once was, so all structures must be downsized into proportion. The problem will be the social services until then :\
They've said services should not be disrupted. I don't entirely believe that. When two-third of your budget goes to paying retirement packages, you've clearly done something wrong along the way. They need restructure and get some quality city managers and city builders on board. Really need to rethink how they do things and make things sustainable. They had too many eggs in one basket


Quote originally posted by FreakyLocz14:
Inb4 Obama blames Romney for this. He said that Romney would make Detroit go bankrupt throughout the whole 2012 campaign!
Quote originally posted by Went:
No, Romney said it himself in a NYTimes op-ed he titled "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt". Obama just stated the fact of what Romney had said.
He didn't write the title, and the article is just about the auto industry alone
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