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Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
* Pidove now properly evolves into Staraptor.
I realize this is from two pages ago, but what? I'm assuming this is a typo, but is it that Pidove properly evolves or Starly properly evolves? I don't remember Starly in the game, though.

Other than that I'm excited for the update, pretty much everything I wanted fixed was fixed except Moxie.

When do you plan on inserting more Department Store stickers? I really want them. It'd be super helpful to just be able to buy evolution stones/items rather than have to click on every rock in Reborn.

Speaking of which, anyone know where to find a Fire Stone? I must have missed it somewhere, because I've seen a walkthrough with a Ninetales (which is what I want).

Also if you add Staryu/Starmie or start to slowly insert Pseudo-Legends I would love this game even more. Maybe add in some more type diversity in the wild? I know up until I got the Pokemon from the Team Magma event I felt there was a real like of Water types in the game, for example. There is also an extreme amount of Grass, Flying, and Bug types (in my opinion) and it seems you have to go to greater lengths to find Pokemon with better type diversity that are actually decent, not even good.
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