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Quote originally posted by xdwasdx:
Is this thing on?... tap tap tap EEEEEEEEEE!

Sorry!... sorry. I'm not good with greetings.. Sorry. Well I guess... um, he-Ere:
(Sorry my voice cracked)

That guy up there is not me... I'm just bad with greetings but as soon as that's through, I am as smooth as a skipping stone.
My name is Casey,
I'm an impish 14 y.o., soon-to-be driver's ed student,
The reason I'm here is solely to sprite,
I enjoy other digital and physical art forms such as:
writing pictures,
repeating myself,
pixel art,
banner art,
HD creation,
and who knows what else.

I've been told many times that I am very creative. I like to think far beyond the outer edge of the box. I broke that barrier long ago. I can think outside of a whole damn cargo ship of boxes if I so please. I started playing pokemon at around the age of 5 but I'm sure I started watching the show even earlier. So, that's me I look forward to speaking with you guys (the community) and bid you a solemn farewell for now.
I saw you posting a bit in the Pixel Art section here so glad to see you finally found a place to hang out. Welcome to PC Casey, and I do hope to see your art sometime because if you're posting there a lot you must have talent.

If you have further questions, ask any staff members for help and have fun!
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