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He's not proud he closed the thread, Justin. In fact, they had to put in a lot of thought about closing that thread. But the topic itself just...was borderline inappropriate. There's nothing wrong with saving lives through mouth to mouth, but let's put it into a human perspective. If the thread was, "Which person would you save with mouth to mouth?" it'd be rather cruel to just pick and choose some people over others. All lives deserved to be saved, don't they?

I know the topic was about Pokemon, not human beings, but my example still stands. Also, please next time you have a problem with a single moderator's actions, you need to PM them, not publicly humiliate them and yourself by making a thread.

PS: You need to learn the definition of boasting. Boasting would be, "I'm so glad this member reported your thread, Justin! It's so gross and disturbing!" Boasting is gloating, talking it up, making it seem awesome. That's not what Brendino did. As I said before, he and Rika actually had a difficult time deciding on whether or not to leave that thread. But sometimes, threads don't break rules and get locked anyway.
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