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Dominic Harrison

It was all black. Dominic could see nothing, hear nothing, and feel nothing. For a while he lay motionless in his chair, sleeping with an expression so peaceful that it looked as if nothing was wrong in the world... "What else is wrong with this picture?" exclaimed a loud, clearly upset voice, ringing through Dominic's eardrums and practically forcing him awake. His eyes immediately flickered open and just as he was about to attempt a leap, a light shone painfully bright into his eyes and he flinched, closing his eyes and then slowly opening them into a squint. Almost every move he made was quick and boisterous, for an angry Charmeleon like him didn't care for being subtle. Still squinting, he forcefully tried to throw his body forward, but it went nowhere. He tried it again. He failed. He was strapped to some kind of strange machine, and all he knew was that he wanted out and the machine disagreed with him.

Dominic began to struggle and snarl in desperation, but that didn't make his situation any better than it was. His blaring roars were like those of a Charizard in extreme stress. Enraged, a stream of fire escaped from his maw but the flames merely skittered across the glass that encased him and then burned out into nothing. Dom's anger felt so intense and out of control that he started giving himself a headache. Luckily for him, the blind rage didn't last for very long and he finally accepted the fact that letting out his wrath would do absolutely nothing. It was an upsetting thought for the likes of him, since that was the only thing he really knew to do right now.

Defeated, he made one last attempt at a thrash, albeit this time a quiet one, and then settled down as a voice different from the one before began explaining nervously through a speaker the present situation. Dom finally listened quietly and while he did so he paid more attention to his surroundings. He felt ridiculous for not doing that first, but that rage hit him and it hit him hard. He had already figured out that he was behind some sort of glass. Behind the glass he noticed trees, and around the trees there were metal walls. What is this? Am I trapped outside or inside? He shifted his eyes to look around at those in his company and saw a Blaziken with practically no feathers, an Accelgor, a Zoroark, a Weavile, and a Porygon-Z with strange colors.

By just looking at them he had a feeling they were in here for the same reason, whatever that was. After the scientist finished speaking, the Weavile began to talk back to him and Dominic realized she'd been the voice that woke him up in the first place. She seemed like she was trying very hard to appear fearless, but Dom thought she was almost convincing. Not bad. She'd begun asking about how they'd know all of their names, and the Zoroark noticed that the names were all on these screens beside them. The Weavile was Tesla. Dom looked up at the Zoroark's screen. She was Natalia. He then looked toward his own screen, flinching when he almost hit his nose on the weird thing over his head. He saw "Dominic Harrison" on his screen. My name's Dominic? That name doesn't sit well with me. Why.

The scientist said he'd let them all try to recuperate their memories, but why did they not have their memories in the first place? Did this scientist take them? What for? Dominic felt himself starting to get upset again, and he tried his best not to have another outburst. He wouldn't be able to escape and no matter how loudly he screeched and roared, nobody would fear him anyway, being as vulnerable as he was. Natalia and - Dominic looked up at the Blaziken's screen - Felix both spoke to the scientist at the same time voicing their concerns. The entire group was understandably upset and Dominic wouldn't be surprised if the chaos built up even more. He chose to stay quiet despite being tempted to scream threats at the one who dares trap him here.
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