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Week 32 winner...

Manga Reader X ! I wanted to have a policy on not letting the same member win twice until a decent number of weeks has gone by... But nah. That isn't really fair either. This is just too awesome.

Congratulations, you will get your name sneakily featured in my signature for a week, and if you wish, you can help me choose the panel for next week's contest as well as help deciding on the next winner! I will contact you through PM.

Special mention of honor for 007_eleven though! It was really difficult to decide between yours and the winning one because we're all suckers for puns xD and Ash, haha. Keep 'em coming and you might be the winner next time! And also an extra thanks to Scyke, this week's extra judge.

Thank you all for participating, and be sure to check out the next week's thread. Remember it's all for good fun and if you don't win one week, you might win the next. The panels as well as the judges will always vary, after all ;) And you definitely don't have to photoshop the panel just because some do that - you may just as well just type the text and I'll fix the panel if you win. See you soon again~!
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