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Tweet Jonias

Raymond Maverick narrated his plan of attack. It was an ingenious plan; mixing both of Tweet's hacking plan and Dominic's simple love for explosion. Tweet would be lying if she says she's not impressed with Raymond's plan but it would be an over-exaggeration if she says that its the best plan ever. There are still some things she don't like about the plan; how all of their resistance force would be on-site and the possibility of capture. While Tweet's plan would reduce the risk of capture of their teammates (requiring only two people on site, Tweet and possibly the Zoroark), Raymond's plan undoubtedly maximizes the abilities of the people in their team while keeping the risk of their plan being blown before it even started low. Tweet expected nothing less from the man who calls himself the mastermind.

"Now, there are many ways to make our exit. The choice I would personally make is, detonate the explosives on the street, right where all the Enforcers are gathered, and run away in the confusion. Chances are slim anyone would notice, but I welcome other suggestions," Raymond Maverick said, opening the table once again for suggestions. All right, freedom of speech!

“I suggest we make our way away from the bank separately as to not get seen or caught together, and meet up at a designated safehouse. The front door, after detonating the explosives is definitely the best bet for this. I can, of course, just take on the form of someone else and saunter out, but it shouldn’t be an issue for the rest of you either. And I take it that we’ll make sure the president of the bank doesn’t interfere with our call? Mind you, I need to at least hear his voice before I can imitate it properly,” the thief said, having the first word again. Tweet was not happy with the idea of using the confusion to escape as a group. Therefore, Natalie's idea of using a safehouse is a better idea. However, her choice for the location is not the best either. There are still better choices than the front door.

"The thief has a good idea, using a safe house as a kind of a meeting point, but the location chosen Natalie is still too near from the place of attack. It's still risky," Tweet began. A plan of escape began forming in her motherboard/brain. We need to take into consideration where each of us would be when the explosions would start. "Once the explosions start, you know, exploding, each of us would be at different locations inside and around the bank. Of course, those outside would be the ones who could easily flee the area, barring Dominic as he needs to activate the explosion. Tesla would be on her own and proceed somewhere, though I suggest that this somewhere would be something you could evacuate in a flash. I suggest one of the shops near the area. You can easily pretend to be a civilian once you're there." Tweet floated from his seat and in front of the map. "All of us would be concentrated in an area here," Tweet encircled the bank. "Dominic would be in the sewers when everything would start. I see no safe way out of it as traversing the sewer could get you trapped in case I overestimate the strength of the concrete above and the explosion would crumble the whole road. I suggest you get your speed up and just get away from the sewers as fast as possible. When you're above ground already, just do what Tesla did; find an inconspicuous location nearby and be prepared to leave in a moment's notice," Tweet said, looking at the Charmeleon, giving him a nod.

"Sir Raymond would be inside the most secure location inside the bank, barring where their database is. It would be safe to assume that where you are could withstand most attacks so we won't worry about the room collapsing or something. However, you still need to go out there. You are speedy Pokemon so there would be no trouble of you getting out there, am I right?" Tweet paused for a moment, considering what to do with the remaining of the team. The thief, the Enforcer, and herself would be located in places that would make escape hard to achieve.

"Felix Teufel," Tweet began. "You would be in charge of the 'security' right? I think the best thing you could do is wait until Sir Raymond went out before proceeding with them. The two of you could proceed here directly from the bank, as all your speed could let you do that. Among us here, I think the three of you have the most chance of escaping. You're just too speedy. Plus, when all comes down, you're the one most capable of protecting Raymond." Hard as she might deny it, Tweet knows Raymond is still the most crucial piece of their team.

"As for the thief, you're the one who can take advantage of the explosion. You can change what you look like, you can change your voice. Hell, I even think you can make yourself invisible. I think you have lots of ways you can think of how you escape," Tweet told the Zoroark. The Zoroark does not strike her as intelligent or even half-smart. It would be interesting to know where Natalie's capability lies. Tweet found it amusing to think what ways the Zoroark would come up."

"As for me, I would be trying out something. I'll keep it a secret in the meanwhile. If this fail, well, I'll just try to float as fast away as possible from the scene and, by Arceus' mercy, try to escape. After everything has calmed down, all of us still not back here could return and watch as chaos unfolds in the city," Tweet finished. Her motherboard/brain went on hyperdrive with all that thinking. "I can still see some flaws in here but mostly are due to random occurrences and not on our part."

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