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Lerian Volran: Definitely quite the first day.

When their pace was interrupted by another bit of a stumble from Chris Lerion hiked his shoulder a bit higher to keep him up and help him maintain consciousness. "Don't worry Chris, you guys are getting to the nurse, even if I have to carry you both on my back." He tried to maintain the same bit of balance-assistance for Chris, trying his best to simulate all the bits of force his body would exert while moving to ease his burden, ignoring the growing throbbing in his head and the vein standing at attention on his temple.

Milly joined in on the introductions and Lerion couldn't help but notice some of the chlorine seemed to have faded off of her. She smells kind of like a wolf...but closer to a human than I do...hmmm what do they call them? Werewolves? And a human and a cat...of course I could already see the ears so that's not a very bright observation. At the thought Lerion remembered his own ears and they continued to twitch at the sounds around them and when he felt it since he was paying attention he blushed a bit.

They were finally drawing close to the main building of the academy and Lerion breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad to help, besides if it weren't for me...Divine I think was the name our teacher shouted...if it weren't for me Divine might not have gone as crazy as she had and Chris might not even be like this, and he had my back when that Terra guy sideswiped me it's the least I can do. I'm not usually a chivalrous person but...I wanted to help you too Milly." When she mentioned the first impression he burst out laughing, before stopping with a wince at the protesting of his ribs. "Yeah." His voice cracked a bit while his headache grew worse. "You guys, our dear teacher...this whole damn school...definitely one hell of a first impression and quite the first day."

The closer they drew to the building the more Lerion knew he had to speak the words that were forcing their way into his thoughts...he didn't want Chris or Milly to feel he was avoiding them later. "Let me formally say now it's nice to meet both of you...but I'm sorry to say I might not see either of you closer than class requires for a while I um...well I have a bit of..." His face grew red. "...Gynophobia I'm bit more directly afraid of women than your average shy person and I'm not really sure how I'm keeping calm right now in physical contact with you Milly. And Chris...well you two seem like you spend time together so if I kept away from Milly I might not get to talk to you much either..I'm sorry you seem like wonderful people."
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