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(Let’s Play) Pokémon Light Platinum : The Nuzlocke

Hey guys, I’m TeKan56 and this is Pokémon Light Platinum : The Nuzlocke.
I just wanted to say that this is my first ever Nuzlocke so I need all your guys’ support. It was tough for me to decide a single to start off with but I figured that Pokémon Light Platinum gave me versatility along with providing a real challenge. I want be posting any videos. Just keep tabs on this thread and you can keep up with this LP. So, I just hope that my Nuzlocke ends well. I just hope someone is willing to support me. PS I will be posting screenshots. So, here goes.

Question: I just wanted to ask you guys about this doubt I had about the Nuzlocke rules. Can we get two Pokémon in the same area but by different methods? For example, can I get a Pokémon via tall grass and one via headbutt trees or fishing in the same route? Also, are gift Pokémon counted as a Pokémon for that area? And can we take part in In-Game Trades? Thanks in advance. And I will be posting the first part of the LP soon.

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