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I just began playing Black, and was saddened to learn that I will only be able to enjoy the game fully for the next five months.

According to the Global Link website, the current Dream World feature for Gen 5 will be shut down on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, shortly after the release of
X and Y. A new Global Link is scheduled to be launched in October, along with the release of X and Y. Achievements and records are promised to be transferred over to the new system.

My question is, are people still using dream world? I would like to get as many berries and dream world pokemon as I can over the next few months. I'm looking for people to add to my dream world map so I can water berries, get more dream points, etc. I literally just started playing the game so I'm still learning how to do everything. Also, I'm sorry if there's already a thread covering this! I did check and wasn't able to find one.
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