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What does life hold for you after Gilded Halls? Do you plan to go into a normal line of work, or will you be making full use of your abilities?
Oh, wow. Uhm... I haven't really thought about that. I'm not the kind of guy who plans twenty years down the line, you know? I don't even know what I want to do for a living... but yeah, I plan on using my abilities to their fullest. Would be a shame to be able to move stuff around with your mind and not making use of it, you know?

In a similar line, what would be your ambition, if you could do anything?
My ambition? You're really throwing the heavy-hitters after me now! If I could do anything... most people would probably say 'fight crime', but I kind of feel like I wouldn't do too good a job at getting away from the police like Batman does, so heh. I dunno, honestly! Something with meaning, something fun, and something where I can use my abilities.

It must have been a pretty dramatic transition - moving from homeschooling to the Gilded Halls. How's it been for you? Has it been a bit of a shock to your system?
It's definitely... different. We haven't been taught that much at Gilded Halls yet, but it's... nice, to get away from the house. As much as I love my family, it's fantastic to be around others with abilities like myself, just... being myself, rather than having to hide it all the time, you know?

At the Gilded Halls, there must be all sorts of weird and potentially lethal powers knocking around - do you feel like it's an environment you can be comfortable in, or is it so unpredictable that it keeps you on edge? Or, to put it a little better, what's the impact of the 'strange powers' aspect on day-to-day life at Gilded Halls?
It's -awesome-! Would there even be a question? Sure, there's alot of people with weird powers around here, some of them might be a bit dangerous in the wrong hands, but eh, we're all here to learn to control it in one way or another. Plus, I just find it so... interesting, to see someone else handle their ability in ways I couldn't even imagine. Like Selena, one of my new friends, can manipulate plants. She dragged me up to the nurse's office once, using vines that sprouted from her wrists. Now -that- is cool. Even met a guy who could transform into a kangaroo!

It's a long time ago, so you might not remember this, but what was it that got you so mad at the other kid in kindergarten that you ended up unleashing your abilities?
Well, I obviously don't remember myself, I don't really remember anything from way back then besides a few glimpses of memories. However, dad told me that the kindergarden teacher said that it had something to do with the other kid stealing my lunch. Apparently my mom'd prepared me a special snack that day and I really weren't all that happy with him taking it from me, heh...
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