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Vera Fayos

Vera watched as the celebrations commenced. Her wounds seemed to have closed with her transformation, but she could still feel some of the pain. She saw the faces of merriment, joy in their victory. In this, Vera felt more alone than she ever had in her entire life. She had nothing to celebrate. Sovereign was gone, possibly dead. She was left in a place that had only a few days ago been in the control of the Sentinels, whom she had helped.

The Blazikenite rested safely within the pouch around her neck. She wasn't sure of it's effects, or how often it could be used. It seemed smart to save it for when she really needed it.

Those eyes... It wasn't something anyone would just notice. It was a certain dullness, a very subtle difference in his eyes. Something he could see in Sovereign ever since that day. It was something that reminded her of Varren. What happened in there...?

Vera rested against the wall of Cape City, next to a giant crack Sovereign had made. She couldn't know for sure it was his work, but she had a feeling. Perhaps the last thing he had left behind. While the others rejoiced, she slept, her pain her only companion. She would talk to the Gold Tribe later. They would need all the help they could get to stop Auron.