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This is a very ambitious task!

I was thinking about how you could manage the levels and stuff... I am inclined to agree with the idea of a sort of reset at the end of a region. But! Not every region. If you split the base-regions into equal parts, you get the game split into about a half (Kanto-Johto-Hoenn and Sinnoh-Unova-Anything extra).

Part way through your first half (Kanto-Johto-Hoenn) you have a storyline-enforced reset. To challenge the E4 of Kanto and Johto you have to conquer all the gyms in both regions due to new rules. So by the end you should be at a highish level. Perhaps around 50s to 60s. After beating the E4, the regions are both frozen (by whatever mishap floats your boat... legendary Poke-wrath or possibly a bad case of swine flu) so you involuntarily leave your Pokemon behind and head over the next region (Hoenn?) to warn the E4 of the threat that hit Kanto/Johto. And to see them... you need 8 badges. Then after you reach the 50s-60s again (not sure when that could be!), you are able to regain your old Pokemon from the other region. I think this would take the levels into account. The final boss (E4 or whatever legendary/team leader) should definitely be around level 100.

Of course, the order of the regions can be changed to whatever suits plot etc. But I think to do every region justice the mini-reset needs to happen. As you say the alternative is to make levels harder to achieve as in Black and White, but for taking on this much in one game, you would need to slow it down even more. However I think if you do that too much then it might slow down the pace of the game too much too. You would also need to re-adjust every Pokemon's moveset to compensate for the slow level-gain, as some Pokemon would take a long time to be effective. Also, the climb to every level might make the gameplay drag and make training for levels an unnecessarily tedious grind.
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