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Originally Posted by oshawottlover13 View Post
i actually do have a trade thread but its where you trade them to me and i level them up for you. unless people wanna give me their pokemon im fine with that. i have a glaceon and a snivy. but i dont understand how to get them with all the details you want about them. dude thats hard. i just want a shiny dratini and i have a glaceon and a snivy. i can give you one if youd like it....
Well I'm about to get the glaceons from someone very soon. But if you really want the shiny dratini so badly, you can have it if you want. I'm really not expecting anything in return from everybody here on this website.

But before I trade it to you, let me ask you a few questions.

Are you okay with me trading the dratini to you on the 5th gen?

And do you want to have rights to trade the dratini? If yes, then just remember that only you can trade since you're getting it from me. Deal?
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