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Finally got the time to write something proper now, so here it goes-

@AlexOzzyCake: WELCOME!! Glad to have you on-board, of course. Hopefully us two aren't the only AM fans in PC :p

505 is an amazing song, and I agree with you on the slow build-up and the amazing climax. The keyboard at the beginning is just so eerie and it can play with your emotions from the get-go. And when the guitars are blazing at the climax it's just an explosion of unexplainable feelings. The lyrics are great too, I had a great time trying to decipher them and see what Alex meant. Again, amazing song and definitely one of my favourites too! When The Sun Goes Down is a nice track too. When I first heard it I thought it was a slow song so I was surprised when the guitar came down aha

Also what do you think of Alex's new look?! Seeming as that is a old pic of him :o

I guess I'll sign up myself too.

+ Username: Scyke
+ Favourite AM Song, and why? Favourite Arctic Monkeys song... I can't even answer my own question haha. It's got to be either Teddy Picker, Fake Tales of San Francisco, 505 or Mardy Bum... but I'll go with Fake Tales of San Francisco. I think it was like the third song I ever heard from them and from the first listen I've loved it. The guitar riffs are great, I love the drum intro and I can kinda play it myself too so it's got that going for it as well :p but yeah Fake Tales is just an awesome song.
+ I had heard about Arctic Monkeys over the years, but I never really gave them a listen. That was until early this year, when my friend was hyping up R U Mine? and when I first heard it, I actually didn't like it that much :s. I told that to my friend and he suggested for me to check out their older stuff, especially songs from Whatever People Say. So I did... and the first song I went to was I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. And man, I fell in love with the band after hearing that. The metal distorted sound, the on-going riff throughout the song, and the similarities with my other favourite band The Strokes... It was so different from R U Mine?, so I was kinda worried that I would only like their older songs, so I kinda kept away from AM (the album) and any of their newer stuff and just stuck to Whatever People Say. That was until Do I Wanna Know? came out. First listen I didn't think it was that great, but I did prefer it from R U Mine?. But then after a few more plays I started to dig it more and more. Fair to say I started to become a huge fan of their newer stuff even though it was much slower and different and so here I am.
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