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OH what the hecky, I've got time to kill before October 12th. It was either this or do a Dunsparce-only run of HG, which, as hilarious as that sounds, would probably kill me.

I was born on July 8th, 1990 (7/8/90 wut wut), and I will be adding some much-needed Gen 2 love to this challenge, and rocking HeartGold on the actual cart, so no hacks or anything.

1. Exeggcute
2. Fearow
3. Poliwag
4. Typhlosion (hell yes get to keep my favorite starter)
5. Aron/Lairon (both are in the Johto Safari Zone, and I'll just go by whichever one I manage to catch first)
6. First Pokemon I catch on route 7, and I'm hoping to get a Shinx there.

Excited to do this! While I love Gen 2, I had lost interest in my copy of HG.
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