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Finally a club just for me. :D I am a huuuuge sports fan <3

Name: Meganium90
Which sport aficionado are you?: NFL Football, College Football, Baseball, NASCAR, Formula 1, Hockey (only started recently, so I could get a little rusty)
Your favorite sports team(s)?*if it applies*: Pittsburgh Steelers, Florida Gators, UCLA Bruins, Anaheim Ducks, LA Angels of Anaheim, aaaand I guess drivers count too, right? Tony Stewart & Martin Truex Jr. from NASCAR, and Fernando Alonso & Lewis Hamilton of Formula 1.
Your Favorite sports moment(s)?: 2011 Sprint Cup Championship chase, where Tony Stewart won in a close race against Carl Edwards.
Your Favorite athlete(all time or current)?: Tim Tebow, but he got cut this year sooooo :| (I like Troy Polamalu too).
he needed something soft & loud, sweet & proud
but tough enough to break a heart
something beautiful & breakable
that lights up the dark.
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