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I don't think many people would opt for robot companionship over human companionship. Well, I mean, if the robot isn't really thinking or aware you're just playing with a fancy toy, and if it is aware, why would it necessarily want to be with a fleshy human?

Originally Posted by Rezilia View Post
Every machine we make CANNOT HAVE any AI if it is to be under us. Anything with free will is equal to us
I was going to say something along these lines. If something can think, feel, and have an opinion it should have rights. Otherwise, well, that's a road we don't want to go down again. I mean, it would be weird to have robots as members of society, but if we want to be true to our ideals we'd have to get used to it. Of course, the robots would have to get used to us, and we'd all have to follow the rules.

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