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Sorry for no updates.
I currently have no internet at home, which surprisngly enough has boosted my productivity.
I have currently mapped and evented all the way up to the entrance of the city with the second gym.
Everything you can do in beta 1 are in the following list:
  • Catch around about 100 Pokémon.
  • Including Mew, Regirock, and Celebi
  • 3 Gyms to complete
  • Battle Tower
  • Various Mini Games
  • Quite a few Rival Battles
  • Quite a few Evil Team encounters
  • Many Pokédex Rewards
  • 4-5 In-game trades
  • Epic End of Beta Fight.

I may add more to the list, but if my productivity continues the first beta should be released by the end of Novemeber.

Just strollin' to my next destination...
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